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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment - Why should I?

To comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, legislation which has placed responsibility for ensuring that fire safety best practise is established at all commercial sites with the owner of the business or site.

There are serious consequences for anybody choosing to ignore their responsibilities, potentially leading to a fine and/or imprisonment, hence the need to complete a fire risk assessment for your premises. In addition, all premises employing five or more persons will need to have documentary evidence of the Fire Risk Assessment.

Surely ‘anybody’ can do it?

Well quite simply, yes they can. Many companies have chosen to undertake a risk assessment of their premises successfully and the following is a useful link:www.communities.gov.uk/fire/firesafety/firesafetylaw

However, although fire safety is a legal concern for ‘everybody’ it is not necessarily the case that ‘anybody’ can follow the government guidance easily to produce a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment. It is possible that bringing in competent outside assistance can actually be more cost effective than in-house production. With the right guidance many good fire safety practises need not be costly additions to a business but complement existing effective management practice and procedures.

Our risk assessment process involves a preliminary questionnaire, site visit and discussion. From this information we will produce a report detailing legislative requirements, existing good practice and areas to be addressed. This documentation can then be used as an action plan to enable you to meet your legislative responsibility.

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